Last night someone complained to me that I write about Moon Pluto too much.

Hell, I don’t think I write about this aspect nearly enough!

My advice to people who don’t like my blog: read another blog! Simple AND easy 🙂


Last night on Facebook we were talking about Pluto 🙂 and someone asked me how my Pluto trine Ascendent transit was.

I was able to pinpoint a few things:

I started this business under that transit. I also have had good health (physical and mental) during these years.

The 1st House, remember, is a health house, a body house. The House of YOU. Maybe a touch of unshakeable confidence. Not confidence in terms of “ego” but in terms of “Yes, of course I do this. I was meant to do this. I choose to do this. Please get out of my way so I can continue doing this.”

Yes, a Pluto trine says ‘please’ 😉

I also wrote:  it’s a very “personal” transit. I never thought to write about it before. It’s like writing about your spleen. It’s not about anyone else but you. You build under this transit. You build whatever you want.

I also discarded under this energy, but since it was a trine, it was relatively painless.

Your mileage may vary of course. It will depend on your natal Pluto and your other transits. And your desire for depth.

Will it help you? Did it help me? Yes.


AND THEN the topic of Pluto oppositions came up. Pluto (and Uranus) gaining on my Sun. I called this THE HATED TRANSIT.

Forget about hidden enemies of the 12th House and open enemies of the 7th House. Pluto opposing your Sun will bring out the “junkyard dogs” as someone noted. People will assume you have power over them — when in reality you are just crossing the street minding your own business. They will project. You will be the bad guy, the bad mother. People will believe you oppress them just by your very existence. By not shutting up. By speaking your truth. By getting angry. By being joyous. By nothing at all. By being alive. Ta-da! They may get angry at you for writing about Pluto.

Pluto dismantles. Pluto demolishes. Pluto opposing your Sun will bring Pluto-figures to your life, manipulators, gas lighters, power hungry mobs who believe that you have, that you OWN, what they MUST HAVE. These people are weak but tricky. You have to be stronger and trickier. You have to develop strategy, tactics. Pluto is in Capricorn. Capricorn always has a plan. They are cautious. I am not a tactical person. I think most Cancers aren’t. We are emotional, instinctual. But to “meet” the Pluto opposition, we must learn the fine art of masquerade. We need to become Pluto, put on Pluto’s outfit, outsmart the Pluto people at his/her own games by the fine art of camouflage. (Does this make sense? I am developing this theory as I write it.) And then say goodbye to meddling Pluto people because who the fuck has time for that?


How else can this transit manifest? Unconditional help and support from Pluto people, Scorpios, but don’t get too attached. In fact, don’t get attached AT ALL. Uranus is squaring while Pluto is opposing. Here today, gone tomorrow. Surprise, shock, awe, fireworks.

My natal Pluto is well aspected. Pluto does not mind the Moon in its lap.

I think the Pluto Ascendent trine *prepares* you for Pluto transits to come, the harder ones.

A lovely astrologer Nora Jean Stone came up with a lovely image for the Pluto opposition Sun transit and I agree wholeheartedly. She pretty much described what I do. Maybe this transit will give me a chance to hone, perfect.

She said this:

I just flashed on an image of a see-saw, with you balanced on the middle, arms out like a surfer on a board on the wave. By seeking the middle ground, not all Sun and not all transiting Pluto, you could pull power from both sources. Transformation down to your core and the ability to help others transform themselves as well. There’s opportunities in oppositions when one balances in the center.

Are you under Pluto? 

Love, MP


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