ALL HAIL THE QUEEN: Venus Enters Leo — June 5th

"venus retrograde in leo"

As I type this, Venus is in late Cancer, the protective swooning mama bear.

I don’t have Venus in Cancer but Sun Mercury Mars in the sign.

Yes I swoon with love at my furry animal “children.”

*But here’s the news y’all:

Details and then I’ll summarize:

Venus enters LEO June 5th, that’s a few days from now. Take note!

Venus then spends the rest of June and part of July in Leo, in normal direct motion, biz as usual.
June, July: mostly BUSINESS AS USUAL. Take note!

She enters Virgo July 18th.


Venus goes retrograde in Virgo at 0 degrees on July 25th. Got it? In July SHE LOOKS BACK.

(Yes you may have old loves looking you up! Or YOU may be the old love looking up! Love changes. Money changes. For many of you, how you earn your living will change. Relationships get… interesting.)

She reenters Leo and is retrograde ALL of August and ends the month at 15 Leo.

She goes direct early September at 14 Leo and doesn’t enter Virgo again until a month later.


VENUS WILL BE IN LEO for most of June, most of July (she only gets to 0 Virgo), all of August, all of September and then the first week of October. 


(You know what to do, folks. Find your LEO House.)

The RETROGRADE period is: 
last week of July
all of August
first few days of September. 

Degrees to watch: 
Venus goes retrograde at zero Virgo
She goes direct at 14 Leo.


Venus in Leo is the QUEEN (or King). No second fiddle with this Venus. She is ROYALTY.
Don’t you dare look at anyone else the way you look at her/him. She’s got to be the only one. LOYALTY. She is like the Queen of Wands in many ways. Generous, kind. courageous, loving but do not betray her, do not mock her. There will be swatting, scratching, roaring. You do not diss the Queen and remain in her Royal Court for long. It’s not about being “fair” either. Venus in Leo really doesn’t care for fair. Appreciate her. Admire her. Worship her. THAT is fair 🙂 WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE? MISSING?


What House is your Leo House? What issues are coming up for review for you? YOU MUST RETURN TO YOUR LEO HOUSE!

What do retrogrades accomplish? 
I think of inverted Tarot cards. Retrogrades accomplish DELAYS. Waiting. The past coming back. Rethinking, reviewing, releasing, rebirthing. RESOLUTION.

Sometimes inverted Tarot cards bring a STRONGER version of the (upright) card, and sometimes it’s weaker, diluted. (Note to self: write blog posts about Venus retrograde, go more in depth)

Generally speaking, Venus rules love. Venus rules money. Social graces. Friendship. Romantic Relationships. Beauty. What you hold most dear, what you value, what you love, how you love, what you’re attracted to. Of course this is just scratching the surface. Yes I see a series of blog posts in my future. Must write more on Venus…


A few aspects worth noting this summer:

*Venus trine Saturn – June 5th/6th
*Mercury goes direct at 4 degrees – June 11th
*Neptune goes retrograde at 9 degrees – June 12th
*Saturn goes back into Scorpio – June 14th

So you can feel this already, right? All this shuffling and shifting….

*New Moon in Gemini, 25 degrees – June 16th
*Sun Enters Cancer/Summer Solstice – June 21st
*Jupiter trine Uranus at 20 degrees – June 22nd
*Venus trine Uranus at 20 degrees – June 28th

Got your eye on your Leo House yet?
Keep your eye on 20 degrees as well. Do you have planets or points at 20?

And I’m going to speed up a bit now:

July 1st:
Full Moon at 9 Capricorn AND Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, 21 degrees

July 15th:
New Moon in Cancer at 23 degrees. Remember all planets in Cancer will aspect Uranus and Pluto.

July 18th:
Venus enters VIRGO

July 25th:
Venus goes retrograde at 0 Virgo
July 26th:
Uranus goes retrograde at 20 Aries
July 31st:
Venus is back in Leo. Full Moon in Aquarius at 7 degrees.

August 1st:
Saturn goes direct at 28 Scorpio!

This will be stops. There will be starts. Second guessing. There will be forward movement too but I’d say this summer is… there is a nail-biting feeling around it, for me, in the sense of WAITING and HOPING and all these delays and planets lurching forward and planets looking back.

August 4th: Venus conjoins Jupiter again (Venus is retrograde) – 28 Leo
August 14th: New Moon at 21 Leo
August 19th: Venus trine Uranus (both retro at 20 degrees)
September 3rd: Venus goes direct at 14 degrees…

I can’t do anymore right now – it’s making my head spin 🙂 I’ll do more as the days and weeks pass…. but let me mention there is a partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 20 Virgo but ONE MORE THING:

FOR MANY OF YOU: the life you have now? It will look very different very soon.


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