All Aboard! Jupiter Goes Direct January 30th

Some prefer being in transit. The vacation is in the getting there. The destination? Less interesting.

Jupiter going direct activates not only the bliss of your natal Jupiter but Jupiter by transit in your chart… as well as the spirit of Sagittarius in the collective.

You will feel better, more positive NO POSSIBILITY OF DOUBT in your Jupiter places and spaces and this includes the “Sagittarius house” in your chart. You will know.

Enough contraction. Time to expand again. Luck returns.

Jupiter rules my 4th House, and I kept thinking that I was going to move. That may happen. But now I’m realizing I may stay put a bit longer and what’s happening, actually, is that I will FEEL BETTER AT HOME with Jupiter going direct. I may travel more. I may expand in fabulous mysterious esoteric 4th house ways. Feel better from/at the ROOT (4th House).

I am ready to fall in love with my city. I may never have fallen in love with my city. Sometimes the more you leave, the more you return.

Prepare for Jupiter going direct by drawing a map. Or by *not* drawing a map.

One more thought: how often are you in the present moment? Right here, right now, without distraction, away from all the Jupiter in Gemini information overload, demands/people/devices/desires.

And that you’re not wishing for anything different but conscious of your life in this moment, whatever, however it is, without judging it. Whatever, however, it is.

Try it. To sit with that. And you don’t have to literally sit with that although you can.

This moment is perfect.

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