Aliza’s THE KISS Tarot Spread

"moon conjunct pluto" So much passion I often feel about to burst.

I was always this way. This is who I am. It’s something that exists inside. Inside the body.

A person can have tremendous “sex appeal” or “charm” — and not have this type of energy coursing through them and vice versa.

You can see some nondescript man or woman, the plain Johns and Janes, and inside them is a furnace. They are waiting, hoping, to be lit. To find the match so they can live in this energy, push it back and forth, between them and another person. That’s what the kiss is.

*Do beware — you can actually be very sexually attracted to someone. You can find someone charming, handsome, beautiful, interesting, delightful — but the lover/love-making can be a dud i.e. not for you. If they cannot return your energy, it’s like making love to a corpse.

What helps me — in the absence of a partner or even when I have a partner:

moving the body, moving the emotions: exercise, making art, writing, singing.

One of the best case options is sex — if you can exchange your energy with another. You have yours. They have theirs. You give yours. They give theirs. Create a circuit of energy. Anything less isn’t worth it. It helps to be relaxed. No fear. Not easy, right? Those of you with Saturn or Chiron affecting your 7th and 8th Houses understand this!!! 

Here is a Tarot Spread to help you ponder 🙂

Aliza’s THE KISS Tarot Spread

This spread contains a technique that I am working on, inventing. For the time being I am calling it the “moveable card” — when cards move in and out of Tarot spreads. Like magic. If you are gifted in telekinesis, you can do this technique with your mind and not your hand 🙂

(I am getting more and more interested in Tarot spreads that don’t contain outcomes or outcome cards… also intricate spreads with instructions. See here on Beliefnet my most recent one. I’m also using another technique here – asking the same question more than once.)

For THE KISS I want you to create a circle pattern, but with a tail, like this, using only upright (no reversed) cards.

The first card you lay down is the bottom one, the tail. Then go counter clockwise until you have laid out 4 more cards thus 5 cards total.

Five is the number of change and instability. Let’s accept that for a moment. That things change. That the future has not yet been written. The Moveable cards represent STRONGER energy which is poised to DEVOUR the present energy. This could be good or not so good… 

*"full moon in pisces"

Card One: the lover you are

Card Two: the lover you need

Card Three: the lover you are

Card Four: the lover you need

Card Five: the identity of your true love/lover/beloved (which may or may not be a person…)


Remove cards three and five and replace them with two new cards. Or just put the two new cards on top of the originals neatly.

Note: there are NOT clarifying cards. These are what I am calling moveable cards. Because this is how life is. Things change or develop or reinforce. You think you know everything. But you don’t. Or you think you know nothing. But you don’t. 

Draw a middle card: this is the advice card!!!!!!!!

*if your lover is closed and you want/need to open him/her
*if your lover doesn’t know you exist (example: you see each other at parties but have never spoken) and you want to get his/her attention
*if YOU feel closed and how to open YOU
*what you need to do FOR YOU, whether or not you attempt to pull your Beloved towards you.

I hope you try this at home. Let me know what you think…
And now, back to my laboratory…. 🙂 

Love, MP

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