Alive And Well On Day One Of Sun In Aries 2014

I get tired of all this self help (articles, websites, books, well meaning advice givers) telling us our lives should be different (i.e. “better”) than they are.

Maybe everything is fine.  Maybe you have everything you need.

Maybe your relationship with all its 334848858584 supposed problems is actually right place right time right person.

I know there are people reading this right now screaming nooooooooooo.

And they are also right.

But sometimes you have to leave the self help alone. All those articles about what’s wrong or right with your love/marriage/relationship/diet/retirement fund may not account for you or what your soul requires AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

This is an Aries post. Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars rules desire. Mars is retrograde. Mars rules blood. BLOOD IS LIFE.

Venture inwards to discover desire. Forget the movies and celebrity and fiction non fiction memoir everyone else’s life but yours.  What wakes up YOUR Mars. What makes YOU feel alive. Aries is all about YOU,  baby!

And swear if you need to. It might make you feel better.

Like this:



Love, MP

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