Advice To Moon Opposite Mars Girl Being Hit By The Cardinal Cross

I was trying to find the words, talking to a client.

I was trying to explain to her that… if she could just STOP contracting.
When the feelings come up.
When those scary scary feelings come up.
Whatever they are.
Sadness, rage, everything in between.

And I actually made fists, even though she couldn’t see my fists but I needed to contract my body to make my point.
She has a natal Mars in Capricorn opposing her Cancer Moon.

That she doesn’t even need to feel it all fully every moment.
She doesn’t need to cry.
She doesn’t need to break anything.

That if she could stop contracting, resisting, making herself so hard, so hardened against what needs to flow, like water, through her, then her life would change, then her relationships would stop being so perplexing and painful. Then she could truly begin to show up. For maybe the first time ever.

One analogy:  there’s a terrible storm outside and you have the choice between tensing yourself into a rigid shape, bracing yourself against your dread, or… learning to sit tall from your center as you listen to the wind outside, no matter how terrible. No matter how terrible, you keep breathing, you stay present.

And this, my friends, is why I’m here. To know this, to tell you this. I hope it makes sense! It made sense to me and, I think, to her.

It’s the key to life.

What are you feeling these days? 

Love, MP

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