Advice For The Moon-Deprived: This Is It, Sun In Cancer! Until Next Year!

"dan aykroyd"
My childhood crush Dan Aykroyd has Sun in Cancer

Okay. One More. Post. About. THE CRAB!!!!! I have to! Sun in Leo tomorrow and it’s goodbye Sun in Cancer until next year.

Some solace: Venus is still in Cancer. Mars has yet march through Cancer. Ah! Some water still to be had 🙂

And you may say: Moon Pluto! You are obsessed with this sign because it’s your sign! And because you are obsessed!

Well, fellow stargazer, all of the above is true BUT is it not fair and fitting to salute our outgoing Sun? Hmm? Cancer is the Mother, remember? And you don’t disrespect the Mother, do you? Well? Do you? Didn’t think so 😉

But here’s your Free Astrology Lesson for the day: Cancer  nurtures and sustains. If you are looking for more of this quality in your life, look to your Moon, to your Moon sign, to the aspects to your Moon, to your 4th House, to the sign on your 4th, the planets there. Do like the Mother, the Crab, and mix it all together! Like cooking! A pinch of this, a dash of that, a cup of this. And you might just feel better 🙂 Try it. You’ll see. Get your chart, your coffee, your donut and… figure out that Moon of yours.

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