Advice For The Gemini Sky: Ravioli!

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

There are many things you can do with your mouth. What I did this evening with mine was eat dinner. Ravioli.

We have a sky full of Gemini right now. Sun, Mercury, Venus retrograde. A stellium with Mercury and Venus at the same degree. Venus is bumping back into Mercury.

Are you thinking (Mercury) about love (Venus)? Talking about love? That’s another thing you can do with your mouth.

I don’t feel all this Gemini is supported. Mars in Virgo squares it, harasses it. Saturn does trine it and Saturn is foundation, support, but is also retrograde, like Venus. Love goes backwards. In time.

Nothing is as it seems. I know that sounds like Neptune-talk but it’s what I’m feeling. Too much Gemini and reality takes a hike 😉 So many facets. Where do we stand? Where do we land?

So here’s your wisdom for the Gemini sky: do something with your mouth: talk, eat, kiss, you get the picture. Moon’s in Scorpio. You definitely get the picture. 😉

Love, MP

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (Eclipse!!!) 

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