Advice For The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius June 4th

"venus transit"

They say…

They say Eclipses set up an energy pattern, 6 months to a year, so you must find the Eclipse point in your chart. Find that house. Does it aspect anything in your natal chart?ย  14 degrees Sagittarius.

They also say that Eclipses bring news, revelations. Full Moons always reveal so this is the BIG REVEAL. Or maybe you already got it. It can be shocking. It can be sudden. And yet… the energy pattern is created. So there’s… the sense of an “instant” and the sense of “more time” or “time frame.”

Funny. The phrase “More Time” reminds of my first short play which was called, you guessed it, “More Time”! and it was, you guessed it! (or maybe not) about a Tarot Reader and her love triangle.There was a ghost of a grandmother too, a Bubby. This play had a short run as part of a festival in NYC. Oh man was I proud. My off-off Broadway debut ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m telling this story because sometimes things happen in life that you couldn’t imagine or predict. And then they happen. Whoa! Eclipses are like that. They catch you off guard, even in a good way.

So find 14 Sagittarius in your chart and I’m a wide-orb gal myself ๐Ÿ™‚ but at the very least look for a couple degrees above or below 14.

And then on the 5th is the Venus Transit that EVERYBODY (meaning astrologers AND astronomers) are talking about. Trust me, your Gemini and Sagittarius houses gonna be lit up like Christmas so start packing.


The sky on Eclipse day: Moon and Sun both at 14 degrees, Moon in Sagittarius, Sun in Gemini. That’s our opposition.

Mercury is also in Gemini, at 23. Venus Retrograde (how’s your love life?) in Gemini, conjunct the Sun.

Are you feeling this yet? All the action in this sector of your chart? And the Full Moon, THE LIGHT, opposing it? Balancing it? Fighting with it? Fucking with it? And not just ANY light, but Sagittarius light, the light of prophecy, philosophy, forward movement, hope.

Mars at 16 Virgo will be squaring Gemini and Sagittarius, ouch! Make a plan (Virgo) or just GO (Sagittarius)? What will be? Who will win? Pisces people, represent! YOU ARE FILLING OUT THE T-SQUARE MAKING IT A MUTABLE CROSS!

Jupiter at 28 Taurus, out of the fray ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturn at 23 Libra, still retrograde, and trining Gemini in general but Mercury in particular.

Uranus at 7, Neptune at 3, Pluto at 8 (Notice the tightening of the screws of the Uranus Pluto square!)

I consider this a tense sky, yes I do. I think your... saving grace though is Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) and Saturn.

Saturn because of the air trine being created, by degree or not and this Saturn stuff tells me to tell you (and myself) be strong, be disciplined, do your job, get up in the morning. No slacking under this sky. But if you need a cookie, have a cookie. Jupiter is the wise god standing above it all, smiling. It’s HIS Full Moon. If you feel at a loss or lost this week or next… remember those two: 1. get to work and 2. reward yourself

Also, perhaps you can… enjoy your Gemini house, rely on it. Gemini is pretty good at enjoying, right?ย Spend some time in your Gemini house, thinking about your Gemini house. Now, the news could come from any place in your chart but… the Gem and Sagittarius houses would be my first guesses.

How do you experience Eclipses?ย 

Love, MP

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