Advice for the Full Moon In Aquarius, August 10th

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Full Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius.
Full Moon opposing Sun and Mercury in Leo."full moon in aquarius"
Full Moon square Saturn in Scorpio.
Full Moon trine Uranus.

This is a manic depressive transit–
You are soaring and then you crash into your own feelings of self-loathing. SPLAT!
So you dust off your helmet and soar again.
Key is to stay UP. Up but not crazy. Up but REAL.
Both Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius.
I think people will need EXTRA HOPE this week and around Full Moon time. Especially those with fixed planets around 18 degrees, especially those with OUTER planets at those degrees. We have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

-Whatever needs to be done around the house (and I mean your literal house or your body or your spiritual house, whatever CLEAN UP is needed) — I suggest you do it.
But do it by your own rules and timing THIS WEEK. As long as there are rules. INVENT THEM. Saturn = FORM. You need guidelines. But they can be as untamed as you want.

-Shine for the people. Don’t stop giving. Don’t keep it to yourself. Keep talking even when you don’t know what to say or it feels like you’re speaking in tongues or a language nobody understands, not even you. Your little Leo flame gets bossed around by this meanie Full Moon.
Solution: The Voice. Use your words.

-Full Moons always dredge. Full Moon square Saturn in Scorpio will most certainly dredge in a fiercely stuck way. Pulling on the thorn — it doesn’t want to come out. Puts a damper on the upward flame Leo energy. Stick a pin in the sludge. Let it dribble out. Until it pours out. Cry. Repeat as needed.

One card for this lunation: Four of Cups! I actually drew it reversed 🙂

Whatever you feel you’ve lost, whatever you feel you’ve missed, something shiny in the distance. It was supposed to be yours. It never became yours. There’s that self-loathing again. SPLAT. Back on the ground. Helmet in pieces. I’m sorry little one. I’m sorry little one but you have to go beyond the Four of Cups upright into the Four of Cups reversed. The Cup is spilling out on the ground. All of them are. Which leads TEMPORARILY to the Five of Cups of course. And then the six, seven, eight, nine, until we reach TEN CUPS of contentment. But how you get there is by stopping all this mooing!

Aquarius never fails to get a little distance. Something I was saying in the FIRE class the other day. Just get ONE THING in your life working right. If you can get that one thing right — anything — then you can get a little distance from the hard transits and the disappointments. See them with the BIG EYE. Full Moon trine Uranus is a transit of VISION — as in, VISIONARY.

Stop reliving what you didn’t get. And if you feel brave enough you can stop forlorning over what you are so attached to. Look away from all that! PLEASE. And imagine something new and different. Just a thought 🙂

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