Advice For The Cardinal Grand Cross (from my Facebook page)

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“Advice for all: 

Dust off the altar for April if you haven’t done this already. Very Virgo Moon advice 4 U

Because you need your strength this month. 

Even if everything is fine (and for many people things are fine or are getting good news), you want Optimum Spirit  

Not that Spirit or Guidance is absent otherwise but I can feel it myself here…

That I need to take the stuff off the altar and put it back. Just to shift the energy a bit.

ALSO BECAUSE THE SWIRL IS ON. That’s how April feels to me. It’s a swirl. A funnel. And very prickly electric feeling. You can get caught up in that whirl. 

You need to be able to STOP

The altar is one place in your home that will assist you in this. Your garden may be another place. Establish. 

I am lighting candles on my altar every day with this intention. 

Because the sky energy, undiluted, can be painful. So the candles dilute it. The altar dilutes it. Grounds it. Use whatever metaphor you want. The point is to have CENTERS or BASES in your body and in your surroundings of stability and, yes, order. You have to create them. Or if you already have them, you have to bolster them a bit. Just a bit. Won’t take much. No spring cleaning is even needed. Talking about small adjustments. Like my new cork/dry erase board which will have one card/one word on it per day. 

Chaos loves chaos. 

AND YET when you think about it, a Grand Cross is far from chaotic.
It’s a lining up of degrees.

Love, MP

P.S.  And remember that many are suffering BIG suffering so… try not to sweat every damn seriously small thing. 

No drama queens please (sez my Venus in Leo!)

See? This month I am going to do my best NOT to get annoyed at my usual Virgo Moon annoyances  Which is usually, like, every 5 minutes LOL! 

Because I don’t have time for that bullshit anymore. And neither do you. PEOPLE NEED YOUR HELP. And I am here to help. There is an army of us here to help. 

So TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. Take it out of town or take it back home. Just take it! 

And sleep. Eat well. Kiss your loved ones. Meditate. Pray. 



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