Advice For Taurus Season

Body issues, body image, is a topic near and dear to my heart. Food too.

And tomorrow the Sun enters Taurus and y’all know Taurus enjoys a good meal and dessert too 🙂

So here’s my Taurus Season advice: EAT.

And you can take “eat” as a metaphor. Maybe it’s DO. Or have. Or BE.

But eat (do, have, be) something that you normally wouldn’t… because it made you feel guilty or bad or ashamed or disgusting or FAT or… whatever *your* keyword is.

Eat something for everyone who has ever told you that you were… feeding your emotions with food. Duh!

My Saturn (fear) is in Taurus and it squares Venus. Got a little mountain to climb here. I can go to my current obsession (this frozen yogurt place and I don’t even like frozen yogurt really; I like the toppings) and get myself exactly what I want (modest as a Virgo Moon) and still feel… that I shouldn’t. Because it will affect my looks. Because it will affect my health. Because the sugar rush will push me down a mere 10 minutes later (sadly).

Let Taurus Season find you relaxing these rules and worries and bad feelings. And maybe this post won’t apply to you at all. Maybe you’ve transcended all the limits and restrictions of your Saturn and the prison that is the body (AND mind).

But if you are like me, you’re still working on it, but for Taurus Season I’m not gonna work on it.

Instead, I’m gonna eat and do and have and be.

Love, MP


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