Truth Or Dare: Advice For Scorpio Season

"saturn in scorpio"I’m always talking about the “higher vibration” and the “lower vibration” of signs or planets or aspects or transits and have you ever had the feeling, when dealing with a person, that you are encountering the highest and the lowest simultaneously?

Or maybe not the lowest but… the essence of that sign, the polarity. It can be hard to be in the moment as an astrologer, because I find myself analyzing, stepping back (I do have Moon in Virgo after all) and thinking to myself: oh, that’s the high side of Scorpio and oh that’s the low side. And it makes me wonder about *me* — how I exhibit the higher and lower sides of Cancer.

Cancer  feels deeply but may emotionally duck out of situations out of fear. Well, Scorpio Season is here. And we all talk about what that means theoretically. And whether you have an actual Scorpio in your life, calling you on your shit– which is the higher and the lower vibration at once because it is NOT pleasant, it is surgery, and is something that I tend to do (with my Moon and Pluto conjunct in Virgo) but nothing compared to what Mercury in Scorpio is capable of, IF THEY GIVE A DAMN. (Or are playing with you, which is the lower vibration.)

If you’ve kept up with this blog post so far then maybe you know where this is going. Scorpio’s reputation precedes them and their ability to get to the root of the matter rather quickly, to excise any confusion or fakery (intentional or not) is a combination of blood instinct and guts and if you are involved with a Scorpio or involved with SCORPIO SEASON be prepared to… live with it.

Think of Scorpio Season as your cosmic personal trainer and what your are training for is EXACTLY what you need so don’t quit. And I know “cosmic” is the wrong word here because what I’m talking about is HARD, but is worth it.

So you find the Scorpio area of your chart and you STAY THERE, you be loyal, and you cut the Leo drama (Scorpio squares Leo) and you cut the Aquarian detachment (Scorpio squares Aquarius) and you saw the Taurean comfort zone in half like a girl in a box and what the girl represents is all the bullshit you live by and think is the truth.

Tonight on the phone, my Scorpio friend wanted to process something with me and he even used those words and it shocked me so much that I went silent because I’m always the one who is trying to get other people, often Cancer-people to process, and they turn sideways and scuttle off. The tables were turned tonight and he didn’t even know it.

Dear Saturn in Scorpio, it’s going to be a very interesting three years.


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