Advice For MoonPluto People And Other Humans (Forgiveness Oracle no. 1)

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I wrote a blog post called Virgo the Destroyer once upon a time.

My Moon and Pluto are conjunct in Virgo (in the 1st House of Me, Myself and I) so I guess… it fits me.


In the dressing room of life, sometimes we want the clothes to fit and sometimes we don’t, depending on the size.

And it’s not like you can vow never to do it again. It will happen again.

And yet there is a fine line between being too hard on oneself and genuine self-awareness.

One key is to examine the situation that is calling forth your MoonPlutoness. No doubt it is… frightening in some way, pushing your panic button. You feel vulnerable and afraid but instead you come across as… a tyrant, perhaps? And it’s not like you go around triggered 24/7.  There is a reason. Uncover it. That’s what Herr Pluto is for!

And this applies to other Pluto stuff in your chart too. Uncover it. Is it a situation that can be resolved? Some can and some can’t.

And maybe this is due to all the Louise Hay that I’ve been listening to lately but… forgiveness.

Forgive someone for their weakness. For their fear. For their inability. Forgiving doesn’t condone or save but it can set you free. And people who can’t forgive? Well, they can’t forgive themselves either. And THAT is not your problem.

This is Forgiveness Oracle no. 1. There will be more numbers in this series.

Love, MP

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