Advice For Libra Rising (And Your Mars In Libra Transit)

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So this lovely Libra Rising lady has Mars in the 1st House on her mind. Why? Because Mars will be transiting her 1st House FOR SO DAMN LONG (until late summer!)

I remember this transit well — I’m a Virgo Rising and the ENERGY, the staggering amount of energy I felt while Mars spent month after month (due to a retrograde) in my 1st House. I remember jogging on the treadmill, yelling at my (long distance) boyfriend on the phone.

My advice to you:

-exercise. And then exercise some more. The 1st House is YOUR BODY. It’s a lot of energy to keep still. And you don’t have to go to boot camp. Even a brisk walk or jog on treadmill, or out and about, would suffice. Use your muscles. All of ’em. Think of your body as a snake for this transit and you are the snake (kundalini) charmer. I like this metaphor because Libra is charm incarnate.

-don’t decide. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t decide! You don’t have to and you’ll probably change your mind anyway so… while Mars is in Libra, do not pass go, do not collect $200 (this is a reference to the board game Monopoly, in case some of my Pluto in Scorpio generation readers do not get the reference).

Libra Risings KNOW they have trouble making decisions. They KNOW this! They know it drives others bonkers. But finally, for once, you have not just a reason, but an excuse 😉 I think the retrograde period will be even worse for this. And if anyone questions you? Tell them the truth and shout it out loud! MARS IS IN LIBRA, RETROGRADE, IN MY 1ST HOUSE! I promise they’ll leave you alone after that, especially if you yell it, ha! But seriously…

-what is most tricky for the lovely Libra lady: Mars in Libra squares her awesome Capricorn stellium, all the way from 3 to 27 degrees. It also trines her Aquarius Sun and Venus. And then an opposition to her Moon in Aries at the end of the transit.

I think she will simultaneously not know WHAT THE FUCK TO DO about all kinds of stuff and like I wrote above: it’s okay. Really it’s okay. Mars square Uranus is go go go but Mars square Saturn is no no no! Mars square Neptune is ??? (that WTF feeling) and Mars square Mercury either 1. can’t find the words or 2. can’t stop yammering about go go go and no no no. The energy is not… clearly defined and not clearly directed. Hard to be The Magician (from the Tarot) under these conditions so… don’t be. Let go what you can let go. And ponder how best to direct your energy, where to put it for best results.

The trines are her balm in Gilead (my favorite metaphor these days) and considering the 5th House is involved I recommend, among other things, creative outlets and fun, WEIRD FUN. And by weird I just mean… whatever YOU consider fun 🙂

Girl’s got a 5th House Sun and Venus. And maybe she wants to be a lawyer, I don’t know, BUT… there is ART! going on in this soul. Easy? Nope. North Node is there too (in Placidus).

Bottom line: have more fun than you think is reasonable.


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The Sky Today: 

Ooooh here’s some wind beneath your wings! 

MOON IN ARIES, restless impatient HOT AND BOTHERED Moon like a FURNACE burn baby burn! This is the motorcycle moon. I’ve known various Moon in Aries who like it FAST. 

Moon in Aries will square Jupiter in Cancer and Venus/Pluto in Capricorn. This slows down Moon in Aries, little road blocks. Breaks squeal! Ouch! Did somebody say burn baby burn? Stuck at the crossroads  

My advice is to do a candle ritual for this day. Sure, why not? Write down what you want to release on a little slip of paper, douse it in the flame. Watch it burn. But don’t forget to practice fire safety! You may even want to do this outside if you are fire-nervous  Yes, I always have your safety in mind (Cancer Sun at your service!)

No other exact aspects this week but building now is: 
Jupiter trine Chiron (I call this the Balm in Gilead aspect) and Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday. 

Communications are wonky and weirdy all this week. Take care and carry a big… dictionary?

Love, MP


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