Advice For Hard Transits + October Class + Jupiter Neptune Saturn IS HERE

"Saturn square neptune" And one other thing:

you don’t have to be fine. Stop trying to force it. Sometimes things are NOT fine. Sometimes WE are not fine. Allow for this. Not just for things to fall apart (as if we can allow it – it HAPPENS all on its own) but after or before or during or later on — we have these days, we have these moments during the day. When things are not fine and accepting this is, to paraphrase Marsha Linehan, the only way out of hell. Radical acceptance.

Writing about the Jupiter Neptune Saturn t-square on Facebook which already exists, this configuration already exists, and how some may say well Saturn didn’t enter Sagittarius yet or the orbs or too wide but I am telling you IT IS HERE and you must reckon with this energy.

Jupiter and Neptune (compatible, too much of a good thing? mystical hope bringer, faith charmer) opposing each other and Saturn (work, the rules, the bad guy, death) squaring each of them, forcing a reality a check or just making you feel bad.

It’s a crossroads. If you think of this t-square as a crossroads you’ll fare better because to quote Judika Illes:

a crossroads is where anything can happen. 

So I drew cards for an October class and the middle energy was the Hierophant which to me is a YES, there is more to do. Please message me for details. Please message me if you are IN.