Advice For Hard Transits (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra)

In one of the chatrooms, a gal was asking how we were all feeling with the Eclipse energy moving in.

I thought this was a great question.

My advice is to start small.

I mean, if you are having motivational trouble.
Or feeling overwhelmed.
That ONE thing you have to do.
Those TWO things you have to do.
And that’s it.

And you can plan your week this way. Plan the rest of April this way. Day by day. Because that’s how it is sometimes in times of trouble.

Eat. Sleep. Bathe. YES YES YES.

And then those TWO things you must do.

I’m increasing it from ONE to TWO.

And I’ll do it if you do it 🙂


we all need time.
And we feel like we don’t have time.
And we may feel like others are pushing us to NOT take the time we need to adjust to what is happening but we need time to adjust and we DO NOT have time to adjust.
That’s the Eclipse, right? That’s the energy. Whoosh whoosh whoosh. Slice and dice.
And if it’s not you then it’s someone around you.
The changes could be good. The changes could be bad.
Your job is to create time in your day for this adjustment.
Reality + adjustment + some distraction/escape and to KNOW, to BELIEVE that you will be okay anyway.

Even though right now it doesn’t feel like it.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra and right now the Moon is in Virgo so get yourself together.
Keep busy. Be helpful. Be clear. Keep the critical words (to self or others) to a minimum.

And if you find yourself in a dark place then turn on a light.
Even a small one.
And I mean this literally and metaphorically.
I’m going to light a candle right now for you, because I know you need it.
Because you don’t want to be abandoned. And you want to be brave. And you want to feel good.
And all of that may seem impossible.
You, reading this.

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s okay to be afraid.
That’s your soft spot.
Right there.
Heart Chakra.
Lung chakra 🙂
You don’t have to shut down.
You can get closer to it.
That fear is your heart beating.
Stay right there with it.
Don’t go.
Don’t shut down.
Right there.
A little while longer.
It’s a hook.
Do you feel the image I’m feeling? It’s like… you are reaching out and you are stretching out your arm and you are stretching out your hand and you are praying the one on the other side of you, way over there, is reaching out to you too, to grab your arm, to grab your hand, and you are reaching, you are stretching, you are past the point, but the thing is this… that other person across the way is YOU.  See, this is about Venus. About loving YOURSELF.

God I wish I were a choreographer because I saw those two people in my head and it was a dance. The best dance of all. The most terrifying dance of all. Being vulnerable. Being afraid. Opening your heart and your words to show someone who you TRULY ARE, even the worst parts, the very worst parts that are so ugly you wish they didn’t exist and you wish they would just go away. But they are part of you. And they actually aren’t ugly at all. Not at all.

Okay folks. This Full Moon in Libra is all about embracing YOU. Highest vibration of the current nodal axis. North Node in Libra. South Node in Aries. Get it? Two halves to a whole and the whole is you.

Love, MP


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