Advice For Eclipse Season

People are freaking out.


Tempers running high, temperatures running high. Lots of emotional intensity, people not feeling well or feeling sick to their stomachs.

In the midst of the storm, what do you hold on to? Find it NOW.

We are at the edge of eclipse season.

A couple folks in the room are sick, of the soul or of the body, temporary or seeking longer-term solutions. This IS a stressful time. Don’t underestimate it. Find your anchor. Find the metaphor that works for you. What keeps you… solid. Taurus Season. SOLID. Stubborn. Unwavering. Strong. Impenetrable. Sorry, Scorpio! IMPENETRABLE 😉

Advice from my 1st House Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto: keep your healthy habits strong: SLEEP, eat healthy food, rest, daydream, meditate, walk or exercise harder, do what needs to be done, do your work as needed, putter, be kind to yourself, be generous with yourself, being good to yourself is NOT laziness, and connect to your spiritual sustenance. Eat your God-food! Internalize the help. It is with you all the time.

And yes puttering around the house IS part of my Virgo Moon advice 🙂 Wipe away some dust. That dust is schmutz you don’t need. Wash your face. Floss your teeth. Sweep the floor. Buy the cat healthier food. We’re all in this together. And breathe.

Not because something horrible will happen, but because you need extra vitamins and support during these weeks. A booster 🙂

And this takes brawn, courage, it does. To build an impenetrable wall of faith. To believe in miracles, miraculous healing, life getting better, life staying calm.

I was telling someone this: sometimes it is just a crappy day or a group of them but we are at the edge of eclipse season. We may feel more sick or more drained. Some of us may feel more energized. Some of us will be rudely, unspeakably challenged.

Think of it like fireworks. Stand back. We don’t run into the loud pretty lights, we watch them from a distance. We cover our ears if we need to. We oooh and ahhh at God’s will in our lives. Will you match it? Breathe with it? Sit in meditation for even one minute and imagine, KNOW, that Spirit, Source, breathes WITH you. It’s like a kiss. But better.

Love, MP


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