Advice For Cancers & MoonPluto People & Anyone Else Having Hard Transits To Their Junk

"uranus square pluto"This morning I was writing about the Sun in Cancer moving away from the opposition to Pluto (and away from the square to Uranus) but I still feel it.

Pluto is transiting, hovering, between my 4th and 5th Houses: home and love, two areas of life I would prefer that Pluto avoid, but a long time ago I learned that the thing, or person, you are most afraid of losing is the thing, or person, that Pluto wants for himself. Change or die.

And nothing fell apart in the past few days, it’s just that 4th and 5th House matters have been on my mind, pricking me like a needle but the blood won’t bloom. No release, just… Hanged Man (and you Tarot peeps know what I’m sayin’!).

Pluto rules obsession. Pluto rules compulsion. Pluto rules the return of the repressed. Pluto rules That Which Ye Prefer Not To Notice.

Like this heart here. My heart. And this home here. My home. They are same for a Cancer. That’s where my Sun (and Mercury and Mars) is. And the transiting Sun in Cancer doubles it, triples it, infinities it. It’s everywhere, it was everywhere, as I walked through the city early this morning. The confining hot weather was a barrier of grace: I was too busy looking for ice cream to sink completely into emotional intensity πŸ˜‰

I called this post “Advice…” because I figured I’d have some by the time I got to this point in the writing process but, again, the blood won’t bloom. When that happens, these days, I turn to the cards, so let’s draw a few for some…

1. Uranus square Pluto wisdom

2. heart hurt wisdom and

3. a card to represent the future of the matter.

Yes, folks, the FUTURE πŸ™‚


First let me say this. I was NOT expecting *these* cards.

1. You’ve lost your perspective. Get it back. How you get it back will have to be the subject for another post because I think… this isn’t just a matter of distraction or napping or sinking your head into work. You have to change your perspective in a BIGGER way than before, a bigger way than usual. There’s something you’re not seeing. What are you not seeing? It’s like you need to open up the top of your head. Let some air in!

2. How you feel right now is temporary. Emotional rebirth is coming. Really. There will be excess joy. Really.

3. You can do something about this situation. We’re not in High Priestess time here. We’re in Magician time. Think about that. And I feel like I definitely need to do a Part 2 to this post so I can further address #1 and #3, perspective and what to do.

I drew one more card and it’s a message card. I think you’ll be getting one soon.

Love, MP

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