Advice For Cancers, MoonPluto People, & Anyone Else Breaking The Waves

"moon pluto conjunction"The Sun is in Cancer. We look forward and we look back. The next New Moon is also in Cancer.

Venus retrograde was major for me, major, and what has happened so far is kinda what I predicted. Self-prediction is tricky but sometimes you feel your way.

In the immortal words of my 1st crush, Olivia Newton-John: have to believe we are magic!

If you are bruising from the one-two punch courtesy of the recent Venus retrograde in Gemini, remember this:

While you are waiting for your Good Ship Love And Lollypop to come in, set sail elsewhere, over the high sea of your life. I don’t mean bide your time in the arms of the wrong fish but put on your goggles, fins, wet suit, seaweed, shells, clams, what else? Buried treasure! Carry it all on your back like the Crab. It’s not as heavy as you think.

Everybody swims under the Sun in Cancer, and if you feel like drowning, if you feel that bad some days, take no shame in your emotional intensity. Don’t drown. You hear me?  Do not drown. Come back to your tribe, even if you have to create one yourself. Your life is precious and you are needed here so get to work.

What is your holy mission? 

Love, MP

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