Advice For April’s Grand Cross: Honey From The Honey Bear

Blog post adapted from my Facebook: 

You cannot penetrate a Grand Cross. There is no way in. Land locked. Four corners bolted down. Forget the pinball machine metaphor (from the other day). The imagery I’m working with now is more terminal. But I still have advice. Always have advice 🙂

What to do during a Grand Cross by transit or when dealing with a person who has such a configuration in their chart, natally or by transit, my advice to you (because such energies can be TOXIC):

You can be affected and hurt by such energy without even trying, without them/it even coming at you directly. It’s in your peripheral vision. Know what I mean? You may not be “attacked” head-on, but it seeps. So you have to learn all kinds of dancing. You have to learn all kinds of Venusian bullshit which is necessary bullshit which, let me tell you, is NOT my nature. You especially have to learn fire-walking, walking on hot coals, if you choose to live among a Grand Cross person or situation or if one is happening in the sky, like next month.

And this is advice for April. Advice that I am building. It is not done yet. But it has to do with your feet (Mercury in Pisces now, Sun leaves Pisces this week. Pisces rules feet). Because your feet, actually, are your CENTER. They hold you up. You are standing. Healthy people stand.

I like the idea of advice “in progress”

Because I am waiting for more words. Mercury in Pisces. The answer/the words are there, the entire universe is there to grasp, but I/you/we have to wait for them (the words) to drip down. Sometimes I/you/we get a flash. But other times have to wait for the drip, like a coffee maker. Slow like honey from the honey bear and just as sweet.

But you will best survive anything that April throws at you by becoming a fire-walker. Not that you create your own hot coals to walk on but that you acquire this skill between now and then. You get to the point where fire does not burn you. And then you can choose. Am I going to walk away? Or am I going to become a professional fire-walker?

I can’t tell you what to do but I can tell you that you have, at least, until the summer to make up your mind. AND THEN GET THE FUCK ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Your life matters. Your happiness matters. You choose what you allow INSIDE YOU. Protect yourself. Protect your house. Protect your energy. Choose your life. And know what the decision actually IS. What you are choosing between.

Love, MP