Adventures Of A Mars In Cancer Square Jupiter

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I have very little fire in my chart. One planet in fire, a personal planet, AND in the 12th House. Doused!

Even my Mars (i.e. Aries i.e. fire) is in a water sign. Adventure for me is… going to a different diner which is kinda what I’ve been up to the last two days.

I have Mars in Cancer (fire in water): I hunt (Mars) food (Moon). And my Mars in Cancer is square Jupiter (a lot). I can’t leave the house without wondering where the next amazing bite will come from.

I haven’t fasted on Yom Kippur for years but I remember the last time I did… I realized how often I think of eating and drinking. Again, Jupiter. A LOT.


Now I haven’t been visiting new diners lately, not at all, and anyone who lives in New York is familiar with diner culture (I love them!) and lately I’ve been to the doctor in the morning and thus OF COURSE needing to treat myself before or after the appointment. Food just makes everything better. And ya gotta eat, right? Especially if you are taking antibiotics!

So I ate at an old favorite, two days in a row, and I’m not there this morning and I MISS IT. Miss strolling the city in the early morning, miss my eggs over-well (usually I have over-easy but was experimenting). Yesterday I even had multi-grain pancakes. Didn’t eat them all at once though, was too much. I’m a big fan of the doggy bag ๐Ÿ™‚ always taking stuff to go.

There is just something about this city…

Love, MP

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