Adrift: Pisces Seeking Virgo

I feel this massive free-fall right now. That anything could happen. It’s all so… open.

I know this is Pisces. Fewer obstacles actually. Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio. The obstacles don’t feel like obstacles.

So the question becomes… if you need grounding, what to do about it.

Enlist your earth-sign friends. That’s one way.

I am thinking of joining the gym again, to put more ground underneath my feet. Ever since I started working at home, I started moving my body that much less. Other than walking to the kitchen. And the bathroom. And outside for an occasional smoke 🙂 Very, very occasional.

Not that I’ve become a total desk-potato, but a little bit 🙂

Just a short blog post for now. That if you are feeling too scattered (Pisces energy square Gemini energy for example) then it may not be a bad idea to be more Virgo. Not in terms of shrinking your vision or your possibilities. Not in terms of increasing anxiety. But, as I like to say, one step at a time. And actually steps. Not just mental steps. Move your body to comfort your spirit which is seeking something solid today.

Ace of Wands. It’s brand new, baby 🙂 And it will feel better, as you get closer, closer than it appears now 🙂


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