Acupuncture For Christmas :)

I love that the Moon is in Gemini right now, Christmas morning in the Big City.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the mischief maker, tricky trickster, fun and flirty, cheerful energy and this quality expands as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter (big!) but even before that the Moon sextiles Uranus, bright brilliant, shiny wrapping paper energy. Compare this to the deep well of a Moon in Scorpio or the guarded Moon of Cancer or the Eeyore-ish Capricorn Moon. Gemini, the all-skate Moon! Let’s not even THINK about the upcoming cranky Full Moon in this post 🙂 Instead…… let’s talk acupuncture.

Yes, really.

So yesterday I had my 4th acupuncture treatment and what I suspected to be true is true: that acupuncture not only works on the physical body but the emotional body and thus the light body. I know this is not news, but I just want to remind you that it is REAL and not your imagination if you have strong reactions to bodywork, even massage.  That we store trauma, we store pain, in our bodies and this pain can be accessed, and thus released through acupuncture (and other ways I’m sure.)

What becomes especially important though are the hours that follow, not just for the cloudy nine relaxy feeling that may ensue, but to process any emotions or memories that come  up. (And hmm maybe that’s why some people fall asleep on the acupuncturist’s table: because they aren’t psychically ready to deal with what comes up so the body “sleeps,” shuts down, as a way to protect the fragile psyche.) Heh, thinking now there should be a therapist on site at all acupuncture offices and maybe some acupuncturists double as that but not Mr. Lee. He may be a healer but it’s up to me what to do with the ancient raw wounds that result. I see them as balls of energy in my mind’s eye as I type this. And not always sure what to do with them. IF I need to do anything. Yesterday I kept searching my mind for a root memory and then I just stopped, realizing that if it needed to show itself, like a shy deer, it would. And it did. And it wasn’t what I thought. And it was a revelation.

Other astro details for today are interesting wild Uranian. The more I look at this sky, the more I’m wondering about your Christmas: Sun square Uranus, not just the Moon but Jupiter sextile Uranus, and Saturn needs to catch up to Pluto again (to sextile).  So we’re reaching for stability. We don’t have it yet. We aren’t sure what the end result will be but we’re grateful for… the unexpected. That’s what this sky says to me. It’s for those times when a bolt from the blue is needed and appreciated and inspiring.

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Hugs and kisses y’all 🙂