Activating Holy Pisces With Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
van gogh, y'all!

Mars enters Virgo mid-November. It goes retrograde in late January. And then direct again mid-April.

My thoughts in this blog-post are based on some things I was telling a client this morning, how Mars direct energy differs from Mars retrograde energy and that you use each energy differently and that the antidote for all that stuffy picky (Mars in) Virgo will be Pisces, the opposite sign, holy Pisces the mystic as opposed to holy Virgo the virgin.  Pisces will be your release and your relief point.

Mars Direct: do. Mars Retrograde? dream. Think of Mars retrograde as moving back back back back back in time, before all the details were invented, before all the worry existed, go back to the time of Pisces, dream-time, the time of magic and ritual, and let it be safe. Make it a safe space. 12th House (Pisces) not as self-undoing but as protection, shelter, prayer! Imagine prayer as a PLACE.  Virgo is also about magic and ritual, but it gets covered over by DOUBT.

Mars in Virgo will give you real (earth) opportunity to move forward (as you squat in the details) review it (Virgo discerns) and then move forward again, which is the nature of Mars. It’s like the waves. They keep coming. There’s no stopping them. But these are waves of grain, baby! VirgoStyle!

And you should definitely look in your chart for your Virgo/Pisces axis because these houses are going to be CHARGED UP and you’ll want to know where the excess is and how to skim off the fat, as well as surf the current. (You want a mixed metaphor? I got one for ya ;))

Are you ready for Mars in Virgo? 

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