Aching Change & Growing Pains: New Tarot Spread THE MENTOR

"uranus square pluto" Do you have what you deserve?

We see this phrase a lot. You deserve it!
Or, you don’t deserve that!
What does it mean to you? To be deserving or undeserving. To be WORTHY — of reward or punishment.

Makes me think of Saturn combinations — Venus Saturn, Moon Saturn. Feeling worthy, feeling good enough. This s**t can WEIGHT YOU DOWN.

For folks under Saturn (or other) hard transits I have a new Tarot spread for you 🙂 once again using just the Major Arcana because I’m thinking of PHASES OF LIFE, stages we go through. Temporary and often challenging!  (You can see my other Major Arcana Tarot spread here.)

Also the phrase: being IN or OUT of phase with something. Are you in harmony with what’s happening in your world? Or are you fighting it? Your transits may want you to grow. Good things may be happening! But instead you hide in your bed. Your choice, but current behaviors create new circumstances.

"new moon in gemini" I call this spread THE MENTOR:

1. Separate out your Major Arcana cards

2. Choose one of the cards to be your Significator. Put it off to the side for now. Choose this card based on what you want more of. Want more courage? Choose Strength. Want change? Choose the Tower 😉 

3. Now fan out your cards and pull FIVE cards from the deck. Why five? Five is inherently unstable. I want you to be less afraid of that energy. Don’t turn the cards over until all of them are arranged just so. Two cards go on the left. Two cards go on the right. One more card goes between the two pairs. Put your Significator, face up, below that middle card.

4. The two cards on the left are what the transit has already taught you. The two cards on the right are what the transit has yet to teach you. This middle card is your MENTOR, your guide through this transit.

ALSO, your Significator and your Mentor card combine to create a new helping energy. This is your Wisdom card. It doesn’t exist in card form though. Not yet 🙂 Unless you want to create your own. Ponder what it could look like, what it feels like. If you want you can even “cross” these two cards but it’s not necessary. You may want to overlap them though, make sure they touch. This is the heart of your reading. It’s your way into the kingdom 🙂 your way out of hell." moon conjunct pluto"

This spread is not only an astro-tarot but a chance for you to practice reading PAIRS of cards. Telling you guys, I am getting into the intricate these days and I am loving it 🙂 I hope you like these too! xo

Love, MP

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