A Whole Lot Better: The Stars This Week

"sun trine jupiter" Really. It’s a whole lot better.

Tomorrow’s Aquarius Moon makes only good aspects, sextiles, to Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius and then to Uranus. Things should be smooth (as smooth as Aquarius can be). I think you’ll feel good. The sextiles are stabilizing and possibly downright pleasant.


Tuesday: Venus trine Uranus, from Sag to Aries. What could this mean for you? Check the houses of course. An easy flow of energy. Relief. Venus Uranus can be an electric love connection — just be aware of course that Uranus is erratic energy so it may feel good on Tuesday and then… Wednesday is anyone’s guess!

Wednesday: Pisces Moon + Sun trine Jupiter! Jupiter is retrograde yes and these signs are workhorse signs indeed so maybe it is your work or your health or your money (Pentacles!). New development that is strong and secure and yours. Remember the New Moon was in your Capricorn House! What could it be????

Thursday is ANOTHER trine: Mercury rx trine Jupiter rx… I’ll talk about Friday and the weekend later in the week but are you feeling this? How much easier this week will be (hopefully) for you. Yes I know we are in retro-ville BUT we are TRINING. Think good thoughts. Dream big. Mercury trine Jupiter, both retrograde and in earth signs. You are tracing over a well-worn groove (you need to, apparently — it’s written in the stars) and the result is fantastic.

Do not underestimate the power of the pillowy trine!


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