A Story For Venus In Pisces

"venus in pisces"

So I was on the subway today… reading an Astrology book and thinking about the 12th House and Venus who is currently swimming through the sign of Pisces, the fish!

Now the 12th House rules confinement (prisons, for example, physical or psychological) AND the 12th House rules escape.

THUS, you hold the key! To your freedom! Yes, this is the truth you 12th House people! 

Venus in Pisces now gives us a taste of this magic placement so think about how you restrict yourself — and don’t limit it to the 12th House. Think of this question WITHOUT ANY BOUNDARIES, without any limits (very 12th House).

Here’s my story though:

Earlier today I was writing one of my zillion Mars in Virgo blog posts and was using a metaphor for Mars Retrograde being like a confused boxer — and I didn’t mean the dog, but used a dog picture in the post.

As I left my house, stepped outside, shut the door, I noticed, yes, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a dog, a few feet away, at the edge of the backyard. We don’t have a dog. None of our neighbors has a dog. He looked like a pit/boxer mix. Maybe. He looked at me and I at him — curious.

I know I didn’t conjure him. And I was late for work, work that involved taking care of animals. I couldn’t stay and solve the problem of this stranger in the strange land of the backyard.

Pisces rules animals in general, large animals too. Did this dog want to be my friend? I couldn’t stay to find out.

And when I came home? He was gone.

Had he been confined? Did he escape?

Do you have a Venus in Pisces story?