A Story For Venus In Gemini

"venus in gemini"

Sometimes I forget that I can trust the Tarot and my interpretations.

My North Node in Pisces forgets this.

North Node in Pisces means South Node in Virgo which means TooMuchVirgo which means skeptical that it can be done!

And no reader can be 100 percent ON all the time. We’re human. And yet today I got some lovely confirmation and I love it when that happens.

Was emailing with a client about some complicated family stuff. The tone of her email was dark and I decided to pull some cards around the issue. I didn’t think about it, didn’t OVERTHINK about it. Just did it.

And I was surprised. I saw it working out in her favor. And I told her what I saw..

And I was right. She emailed me right after to tell me that Yes what I had just said was happening.


Trust. How do you trust something that flickers? You trust that it will come back. Maybe this is a Venus in Gemini story.

In Gemini, Venus runs her lovely fingers over all her options and then she goes home, eventually, to Cancer.

Home is where the heart is.


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