A Story For Venus In Aries

"venus in aries"

I have a Taurus friend with Venus in Aries and yes I would say her love nature is ardent to say the least and she likes what she likes, but isn’t that true for us all? Or, if not all, then many? Venus in Aries is not a bad Venus.

From what I remember, her Venus does have some challenges, some oppositions, but those oppositions brought (and still bring) men IN to her life. What she does or doesn’t do with them is another story and another aspect.


And I don’t think I’ve known anyone who… likes men more or understands them more than she does. She always gives them the benefit of the doubt. I consider this a product of her upbringing, her good relationship with her father as well as her many Taurus (i.e. Venus) placements. She also has a Sun-Moon trine, one of the easy parts of her hard chart. Why hard? Not a lot of support. If I recall correctly… maybe one sextile and one trine and otherwise conjunctions and oppositions and lots of 12th House.

In fact, if I were forced (!) to choose, I’d say her Virgo Moon is far more trouble and self-destructive than her Venus in Aries! Her Virgo Moon makes her stop before she begins. That Venus gives her passion and fire and fever… and then the Virgo Moon decides to make a cocoa and watch t.v. instead. ย Which is fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s my point? People are complex and sometimes the placement you think is the *problem* isn’t the problem at all. And maybe there is no problem at all. It’s a matter of understanding what you got and how best to live and work with it. And knowing what you WANT.

What do you want? Will your chart let you have it?ย 


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