A Story For The Sun In Pisces And Yes I Know The Sun Is Not In Pisces

"moon conjunct pluto"
saturn sextile venus: beauty is work

So I was getting a manicure the other day, all of a sudden been in the mood, maybe because of transiting Saturn sextiling my Venus, working to be beautiful, and the girl had the Pisces glyph tattooed on the inside of her wrist, and she was doing her thing and I blurted out, “Pisces.”

She laughed and was impressed and we both agreed that most people probably thought it was a character in “her language.” 

And I told her a little bit about Pisces and the difference between the Sun sign and the Rising sign and she said, “Oh…” and I remembered again that I need to make a business card but I wasn’t trying to get her business, I was GIVING her business, I was chatting is all. Her bangs and her eye shadow were superb.

And it was a really good manicure, by the way, didn’t get chipped until today when I had to pry the subway doors open to catch my train and I DID catch my train, a triumph at rush hour, you New Yorkers know what I’m sayin’.

Do you talk astrology to strangers? 

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