A Story For The Sun Entering Cancer

"venus sextile jupiter"

Finally it’s summer in the Big City.

The Mayor is telling people to go to “cooling centers” as it nears 100 degrees. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have an air conditioner. Not uncommon, I know, but I still feel lucky.

It was a gift from my ex-boyfriend (before he became an ex) a few years ago. He always gave me practical gifts: air conditioner, juicer (which I wanted!), subway fare…

Some people give gifts and some people don’t.

I’m a gift giver, whether I have the money or not. When I go into a store and start looking at cute things, I always think of other people and I always feel a little sad too. My mother would send me care packages, full of tea and fake flowers (yes fake flowers) during the long Iowa winters (where I lived for 6 years).

And I don’t know if giving gifts is necessarily a Leo thing because my Venus in Leo is in the 12th House (i.e. secret, hidden) although it does sextile my Jupiter. I think that’s the giving key here: the Venus-Jupiter combo. Some pleasant extravagance πŸ™‚

And I never like to show up empty-handed. Don’t like to show up to the blog empty-handed either. I want to bring some nonpareil of wisdom that I’ve found along my travels.

What are your thoughts on gifts and gift-giving? Is it a Jupiter thing? A Leo thing?Β 

I understand action better than words. Someone can tell me they love me all day long but unless I can touch (lots of earth in my chart) that love, it feels empty. Psychic connection is a Ritz cracker to me. I like it Β just fine but… it ain’t dinner and I WANNA EAT.

And it’s not about the price of the gift, but that you were thought of long enough for the person to go through this process:

1. they thought of you

2. they selected something because they thought of you and it felt good

3. they gave you or sent you that thing so you would always have it forever and ever and ever

This is truly aΒ Sun in Cancer post: nostalgia, bittersweetness, mothers, stuff you won’t ever throw away.

And yet I do throw things away, but not the fake flowers my mother sent me in 1996. I threw away, left by the curb, an entire record collection when I went to graduate school. But the stuff I keep? It’s got blood in it. Blood meaning LIFE.Β 

Love, MP


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