A Story For The Moon In Aries

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Alan Alda in MASH: Moon in Aries!

Good evening Star Gazers!

Warning: the following post is a little bit gross but I have to post it because it’s part of a continuing story. Catch up here and here.

The story has to do with some visualizations I was doing, a kind of chakra clearing, which then turned into a way of unclogging emotional congestion. A Moon Pluto thing. You get backed up? You feel intense? Nowhere to put it? Wanna cry? Stuck on the train? Relentless monkey mind won’t let you be? Clear it out. Sweep it out. That’s what I’ve been doing. And today? It came to me out of the blue. And all this happened while the transiting Moon in Aries was conjunct Uranus in Aries as well as my progressed Moon!

I was on the train, not intending to clear or clean or cleanse or balance my chakras, not even thinking about them but the image came to me again. A gesture of sweeping, sweeping the body from crown to feet, same as before. And previously, sediment emerged from me, I saw dust and sand. That’s what I was sweeping out. And then the next time, it was ocean water (when the Moon was in Pisces). Today? It was blood. Draining out of me through my feet. Gross, right?

I wasn’t scared though. It wasn’t painful but it felt like.. well I don’t feel these visualizations but the word is “lifeforce” — it was a lifeforce coming out.

Why all this clearing? I mentioned in a previous post having some strain with my boyfriend and I think some of this gunk being swept away is his energy. How do I explain. Not that I want to be rid of his energy but that we are long distance and every time I hear his voice, another hook in me is created, another cord, and the frustration is immense so inside me are all these… waves of longing and… somehow it’s become caught up with the Moon. Which makes sense.

So today on the train. Back to the image. Blood draining out. Mars rules blood. Mars rules Aries. The Moon was in Aries.

And I wondered about the progression from dust to water to blood. What’s next? Semen? Amniotic fluid? How far will it go?

I am sorry for the grossness, people. Couldn’t help it. Had to share. Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. Well, unless you like this kinda thing πŸ™‚

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