A Story For Saturn in Scorpio: Serious Sex

"saturn in scorpio"Passion is a plane. It needs, wants to land. What happens when a Moon Pluto person (me, in this example) cannot land, is kept from landing, is forbidden to land. Okay. Enough with this metaphor.

When you want someone and I mean in true love and desire and devotion, committed wanting, committed passion, and you cannot express your passion, for whatever reason, what then? Maybe they are dead. Or they live far away and are scared of planes. Or they’re too broken to love and desire you back in true Moon Pluto passion. What do you do with your emotions?

Dear friends, dear readers, sometimes there isn’t much you can do. I often suggest creation, making art, to solve almost any form of angst. And exercise and meditation. But there comes a time when you don’t want to work on the play and you don’t want to walk the dog and you don’t want to walk at all and you don’t want to sit in silence. What you want is union. You want to touch the Beloved. You want the Beloved inside you.

And this, my friends, is what Saturn in Scorpio will be about for many of us. In search of real (Saturn) serious (Saturn) union (Scorpio). Nothing else will do.

What’s your Saturn in Scorpio story? 

Love, MP

PS I know you love it when I write about my personal life. This one’s for you 😉

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