A Story For Mercury Retrograde

"saturn in scorpio"What if you don’t want to be in progress anymore? What if you just want to get there? What if you want to be done, settled, and you’re not allowed. That you’re doomed to strive and push that rock up the hill or stare at the mountaintop from the bottom. What if.

Well, then you better enjoy the way there, even if you never get there. Just a little. Anyway you can. Survival skills. Friendship. Sex. Intimacy. Love. More love. Food. I’m going through the daily life list here. Daily life and then some. Intimacy. Real intimacy. When was the last time you had, or felt, truly intimate with another and I don’t mean sex necessarily but, well, you know what I mean. That feeling you feel when somebody really knows you. And… they don’t leave.

I don’t know what keeps you going. Maybe it’s music or work or family or being alone. The list is endless. Maybe you travel. Maybe you avoid thinking. Maybe you want to die sometimes. Or maybe you used to want to die sometimes but those days are gone. And you fear they’ll return.

We are forbidden to be shallow during Scorpio Season. I swear everyone in our little group in MoonPlutoLand (which I no longer call MoonPlutoLand) is feeling this. Heavy.

And it’s not bad but it is… breathing down our necks. We do our Tarot draws, we talk about our lives, we look at our transits and I know that you know that the coming weeks of more Scorpio and more Capricorn and the Gemini Full Moon and Uranus going direct will bring your life to a level  of present tense, of NOW, that maybe doesn’t feel so comfortable. You have to look at your life. Look at the mold on the shower curtain.


Mercury is retrograde, folks! Retrograde in Scorpio and conjunct the Sun and Node in Scorpio and confusion is as deep as it is high for many of us during a retrograde. Our minds play tricks. What is real. Who is real. Am I alive? Or am I just breathing?

Here’s my Scorpio story for today: I have writer’s block. For the first time EVER. Maybe. Or, at least, it’s rare for me. The other day I did Horoscopes for half the zodiac and thinking I would finish it today but I did not. Not yet. Hopefully tomorrow. So I’m sorry Libra through Pisces but my Mystery ‘Scopes got snagged by Saturn and Mercury retrograde in my 3rd House of the Mind.

And you? 



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