A Story For Jupiter Direct

I’ll just have to look higher.

That’s what I thought to myself just now, reeling from upset over a tree. A big, old (no clue how old) thick many-armed like an Indian God, beautiful tree in my backyard. And not just shade and not just privacy and not just beauty and not just fear during the recent storms (would it fall on the house?) but I lived with this tree. My friend, this tree. My bed is right underneath this tree.

Two long limbs remain. Will they cut them too? I imagine (I hope) that the two men already would have… if they were going to.

Then I notice that these two limbs support the tallest branches and I was putting up a curtain rod in the window so I’d have some privacy again and I saw those two long limbs and branches reaching up to the sky, still alive, still moving in the wind, still bare for winter, still here, and I thought to myself:  I’ll just have to look higher.

You know what this post is about. It’s about Jupiter going direct and believing in yourself again. And how we’ve got these weeks NOW when all the planets are direct. Saturn won’t go retrograde until February 18th and Mercury on the 23rd.

Go past your fear, go past your limit, whatever you believe it is.


In other star news, we are intensely under the Sun square Saturn energy right now. It perfects in less than an hour, Big City time. Whatever, whoever, you have been fighting for… has the result been anything but frustration?

If you are looking for stability, look for your body 🙂 although… Moon trine Venus in trustworthy Virgo and Capricorn is not really… doing the trick for me today… and yet it is something to lean against. We tend to take trines for granted.

Practical magic is how you’ll get yourself out of the grumpy. Think about it. Moon in Virgo is a healer, knows the perfect potion for what ails you. She trines Venus so she wants to make you feel good. Jupiter going direct is the Magician, bringing heaven down to earth again, finally. We’ve been waiting since October.

Tomorrow will be better.

How’s your day going? 

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