A Saturn in Libra Transit Story

"Saturn in Libra"
Saturn: The World

Saturn is finishing up his time in Libra. You know this. I know this. Saturn defines, pushes us to define. Saturn limits. Libra is relationships. Ever know a happy single Libra?

Here’s today’s Saturn in Libra story andΒ I expect these will keep coming for me until our mighty friend Saturn crosses into Scorpio.

Some background: Saturn is heading headlong (by square) into my Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer. Also know that the transits up there are mimicking the transits to my natal so it’s a double portion of Do Not Pass Go.

So. Yesterday afternoon, I was done with my work day and had a meeting back in the city. But both my trains were not running. Imagine this though: you don’t find out right away. All these folks are sitting on the two trains, one express, one local, across from each other. The trains not moving. It’s humid, it’s wilting us. People fanning themselves, drinking water from plastic water bottles.

Finally they announce that both trains are out of service and they suggest an alternate route and we all (those of us who heard the garbled announcement) trudge up to the special train that will take us to the main train that we need.

In the Β meantime it’s started to pour. After reaching the alternate train, about 4 or 5 stops in? After we think we’re good to go? After we’re on our way? After we’ve settled in with our magazines and ipods? An announcement comes on: this train is also going out of service. I’m nowhere near my destination.

I realize I am not going to make it to this meeting. I head outside to find that I’ve received a text from a client who is waiting for me. Turns out there has been a misunderstanding. I thought she cancelled. She thought she didn’t. More confusion and I don’t know what to do.

I assume the downtown trains are running and after adjusting to my new reality I tell her (as my battery is dying) that if I can get a train, I’ll be there. Not that I want to be there, but I will. After walking a bit and finding the nearest subway, I go down to the station and guess what? No downtown trains. The only one running won’t get me anywhere near her.

It all seems so improbable that I start to wonder if everyone will think I am lying. By this time my blood sugar has dropped, I’m hungry and thirsty and tomorrow is my birthday and Starbucks had sent me one of those free drink cards so I get my free drink and a snack and then head back to see if the trains are running. Nope!

I asked a guy what bus to take so I head to the bus and of course the line is, literally, half a mile long and then the bus arrives and stops right in front of ME and what happens? The driver says “Don’t get on the bus. Out of service.”

I get some money (thank God for money) and after some wait, a “car service” comes by and I get a ride. Finally. The a/c Β is amazing. And in the meantime I had been texting my boyfriend here and there, informing him of my shit-day and he tells me he’s “busy now” (remember, Saturn is timing) and tells me some of his good news. That’s when I lose it. Busy Now? Busy Now? Busy Now? Busy Now? BUSY NOW?

Saturn square Cancer: I couldn’t get home. Saturn square Cancer: who will support me?

Saturn in Libra is squaring Cancer planets now in the heavens so these questions here aren’t just for me. It’s part of the collective, for the moment. Who secures you? Who holds you up? Who relates to you? Who limits you? How patient are you? What time is it? How will you ever get home?Β 

Once home, I told my quadruple Taurus roommate the whole story. Earth. She is so Earth. Not long ago, Elsa told me to use Earth to stabilize my intense emotions and here it was, in action. And you know what? I didn’t even cry until hours later. Hours later. Imagine that. A Cancer who can’t cry. I was that tired and numb, actually, because the whole chain of events was just so weird.

Moral of the story? Fight Saturn with Saturn i.e. don’t fight. Be Capricorn. Be patient. Hold steady.

Do you have a Saturn in Libra story?

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