A Question For My Readers: How Do You Get Well?

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Dr. Meredith Grey

I’m taking an inventory. Not looking for advice *for me* but wondering what do *you* do when you feel unwell? The Sun and Venus are still in Virgo. It’s still a good time to talk about health, physical, mental, spiritual.

I am back on track as far as readings go. Maybe even slightly ahead of schedule, according to my projections when I was sick, and someone this morning commented that I recovered quickly, and honestly I don’t know. Is 24-48 hours quick? For a fever/cold? Perhaps it is. But the cold had been lingering for more than a week and finally just knocked me out. I did a number of things, best I could, while continuing to work. And I really wanted to go to Ground Zero today but decided to stay in. I have to be out tomorrow anyway, so tomorrow it will be.  I kind of wonder if Senni was “put down” this morning — and maybe that’s why I started to feel tired/heavy.

Now I’m not saying my little illness was transit-related but I think the transits brought exhaustion which brought the illness. And the weather. I was working in two days of extreme damp and rain. Saturn is exactly square my Sun now.

So let’s talk health. Do you have favorite remedies? Supplements? Visualizations? What do you do to get well? How important to you is faith/belief in your ability to get well? 

Music, believe it or not, was crucial to my recovery.

And you? 

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