A Prayer For The New Moon In Cancer

"new moon in cancer"I was on the train today, reading about Pluto and I had this thought:

Pluto doesn’t get tired.

Pluto, in your natal chart, or by transit, shows where you are tireless. Pluto strives.

Wait. Let me be a little more precise.

It is the CHANGE itself (the changing), the energy, the Pluto passion ITSELF that is relentless — Β it’s not that YOU desire relentless change.

I keep listening to this one song over and over today tirelessly πŸ™‚ by this band The Boxer Rebellion. No clue who they are. Found them on a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. (I’m a long-time Grey’s fan.) I mention it because I was a music obsessed kid and then spent some years unobsessed and now have returned to my obsession now that Spotify exists and I can hear almost anything and everything.

Pluto rules obsession and Pluto is leaving my 4th House, entering my 5th and I am ready.

Find transiting Pluto in your chart. Your life is relentless there. Do you feel it? Can you recognize it?

When I started studying astrology, Pluto was in my 4th and I recognized what he’d done: the death of both my parents (and no, my transit doesn’t mean it will happen to you too), the constant moving, the loss of legacy (Pluto). I am my conjunction.

What are you? asks the New Moon in Cancer. The 4th House is associated with the sign of Cancer: your symbolic foundations, where you come from, the point in the chart where your soul enters.

A prayer:

May all your New Moon intentions be filled with love, your ideal mother’s love. Whether you had it or not, it lives inside you.

Love, MP

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