A Prayer for Gemini Season

Here we go, Gemini! The Sun is in your sign and so it begins. For me? Gemini is my 10th House of career and my MC trines my natal Uranus. Which reminds me of a recent snowy day in NYC. Actually, not so recent. This was back in February, and I had time to kill and took shelter in a McDonalds that looked and felt like a swanky cafe if you could get past the smell of the fryer. So I took shelter because there were seats, and I had an astrology book with me, and in the words of a former professor, I was “dipping through it.” I love Howard Sasportas’ writing and thinking, and this book is lectures transcribed, and someone asked a question about Uranus trine the MC. I didn’t read the answer. I looked at the time and my time to kill was up.

Seasons Change. Planets move. The sun does its thing. This is what life is. Back in February, we were in Aquarius and now it’s Gemini Season even though it’s only the Sun for now. That will change. All the fast movers, Mercury, Mars, and Venus, will march through and take their places like actors on a stage. For the first time in years, we’ve been having a real spring in the big city. Rain rain rain and more rain.

So Gemini will bring me career focus (or, lack of focus), but what will it bring you? And what does it bring us as a collective, or, at least, as folks who pay attention to this kind of thing? The beginning of summer. Are we the lucky ones, still here, alive for this latest Gemini Season? Honestly, sometimes, I’m not so sure, moody Cancerian that I am. But for the moment, this moment, I’ll toast the twins.

May your time in Gemini be filled with two (or more) of everything good.

Note to self: be more optimistic

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