A Pluto Ritual For The New Moon In Taurus

"new moon in taurus"

There is a situation in my life that I want to be free of so I started taking notes. I don’t journal anymore but sometimes I’m moved just to write shit down.

This is what I wrote to myself, “Release the energy. Ponder releasing the energy. That’s what is keeping you here. You have absorbed, you have eaten ALL the energy from this situation. Once you set it free? Then you’re free to go. That’s the lesson.”

I don’t think people usually talk about New Moons as releasing times. That’s more Full Moon talk but I like to mix it up 🙂 so I want to offer to you a New Moon Ritual of Release for the New Moon in Taurus.

Is it a situation? Is it a person? What is keeping you stuck? You don’t even need to know… to let it go, but it helps.

A New Moon in Taurus to create better boundaries and stop absorbing and believe, for a moment, that you are not at fault. Yes, ponder that one.

That difficulty is temporary, it will run its course, and then you will move on. You will fulfill the karma, mourn, and go.

Since it’s Taurus, I was going to suggest a feast, to eat lavishly but the most important part of this ritual, actually, is the purge, the Scorpio who opposes Taurus. THE PLUTO.

Taurus keeps. Scorpio lets go.

That’s the lesson of this New Moon with Venus in Gemini. You must choose. What and who to keep. What and who to let go.

No guilt. Go. Move on. Your life is waiting right outside the door.

My suggestion is to create something to symbolize the situation. Even just one word written on a piece of paper. A word, an image… and then let it go and how you let it go is up to you.


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