A Little Night Tarot :)

"tarot readings in nyc"Some Tarot Wisdom for you to focus on this week as the Sun enters Virgo and Mars enters Scorpio. We are moving away from summer fun (did you have any?) and heading  back to school, back to work.

My intention is to draw focus-cards for your Virgo Season.

Leo Season for you was full of anxiety, worries, unfinished business. I see you… trying to ride in the right direction and flailing about. Sometimes heading the wrong way, but always heading somewhere, a sword in your hand 😉 ready to cut anything and anyone who stood in your way but your way was… not so clear. There was more stress than strategy in your eyes.

The present moment finds you wanting balance badly and the danger is that you could imbalance even further while seeking it. Know what I mean? Tip too far in one direction. Still the energy is better. The summer is ending. You are receiving more of what you need. And you have more resources, more energy to give to others. Sounds like a good Virgo, right? Here there is no lack.

Now the card I pulled for Virgo Season itself for you, for the Sun in Virgo, is strong, solid, mature, a bit stubborn. You are learning the lessons. Your authority is growing. You are in your power. You don’t have to go back to Virgo School 🙂

All these good cards and yet you still feel crappy 😉 I even pulled one more. It was the best yet. Six of Wands. There is something you’re not seeing, not understanding, and the sooner you… go for a walk and meditate on this… and it’s not about “counting your blessings” or some fakey false pollyanna gratitude jive. It’s real. There is something you have worked for, and hard, that will bear fruit this season.

Love, MP

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