A Little Night Blogging (Sun square Pluto)

"sun square pluto"

So I was talking to a friend who has Sun square Pluto in his natal chart. I remember when I first looked up his chart and saw this aspect and thought to myself: self-loathing. And that’s what he said to me last night, that that was what he was feeling.  “I despise my life,” he said. He had recently re-potted a plant which I saw as a good sign and I wrote to him this, “I love you. Please don’t hate your life. You don’t have to love it, but please don’t hate it. You have a plant to take care of now.”

This morning it was still on my mind, how he was feeling, and I texted him early, even before I knew he’d be awake. I wanted to put these thoughts here because I thought maybe others could relate. I wrote to him, “You will always feel self-loathing to some degree. That’s your chart. Question becomes how to rebuild what you tear down. But you won’t ever not feel the whip (Sun square Pluto). Good days and bad days. Solution? Pluto itself: healing, regeneration of the self. Metaphor: the burn ward i.e. a reconstructed man. Into the fire, out of the fire.”

When I love someone, this is how my mind works first thing in the morning 🙂

Do you have Sun square Pluto in your chart? What’s your metaphor? 

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