A Little More About Venus Square Saturn

"venus square saturn" We are under VENUS SQUARE SATURN (and Mars) and I’ve got clients who are dealing with this by transit. And I have it too in my natal.

Venus square Saturn is about BUDGETING.
And thus you may feel starved at times.
Starving for love. Starving for money. Starving for Venus.
That feeling of NOT ENOUGH, never enough.

You get what you want by… planning, forecasting, setting aside amounts.

You don’t achieve Venus Saturn GRACE by settling — because the heart cannot settle but… a budget, a good budget, an accounting, sharp pencils, clean paper, hearts and flowers on your budgeting notebook, allows you to see what is there (Saturn = reality) so yes it does keep you WITHIN the lines of SANITY (which you need) and this feels like hell for Venus in Leo and really any Venus who just wants to love love love love love with full abandon and spend spend spend spend spend with full abandon.

But you cannot. And I’m sorry.

The good news is that this transit will pass. But for those of us with this in the natal? Saturn rules KARMA. We cannot avoid putting aside love and putting aside money for a rainy day 😉 DO NOT GORGE. REFUSE TO GORGE. IT WILL ONLY MAKE YOU SICK.

What is the cure for this? Venus, of course. Loving ANYWAY. Spending ANYWAY.

Within reason.

If you are feeling a catch-22 it’s because there IS. That’s the square for you. But you can keep closing that gap, yes you can, little by little. It’s not about blending (like the opposition). You may always feel hungry to some degree. SO THE QUESTION BECOMES: WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THIS HUNGER?

What you do is feed yourself. The right amount and at the right time. No one can make you whole — because you already are. Venus square Saturn doesn’t believe it, but it is true.

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