A Little Extra, Or A Lot: Venus Square Jupiter (Jan 17th)

"venus square jupiter" How much is enough? How much is too much? 

Venus and Jupiter are our “benefics” thus this blog post’s trajectory is obvious, potentially.

I could talk about the good side and the bad side. Pitfalls and gifts of a square (excess) between two blessings, Venus and Jupiter. Beauty and abundance.

And in mutable signs. Sagittarius (reckless) to Virgo (careful). What does this mean? Can we blend this? What do we wind up with?

Sagittarius needs room to roam and Virgo is in the details. Jupiter in Virgo is retrograde and, I believe, less picky because of this. Maybe not reckless but more relaxed.

Venus in Sagittarius wants to help Jupiter in Virgo remove, scrub away any last remnant of stuffy picky but the square is awkward. Venus in Sag may be clumsy and boastful, in a fun way. Jupiter in Virgo, even retrograde, still wants to play it safe.

It’s an aspect of grace. Grace and gratefulness and it’s in orb now and if you pay attention to the skies, to the air around you, to the smiles on people’s faces, you can feel this, know this, tune in to this.

My teacher once told me that for sure I would get what I wanted in life – because of a Venus Jupiter contact in my chart. I can’t say he was right but Venus Jupiter is nothing if not hopeful.