A Kvetch: In Praise Of Sukkot (Scroll Down For The Astrology)

"libra season"

I am not religious, although I used to be, and the joyful holiday of Sukkot began this evening. I have not yet taken my place in the Sukkah, but it’s a long holiday. I’ll have plenty of chances to avoid. Or not.

And the truth is I prefer the more dour Jewish holidays, the more serious. Now, the learning, the meaning behind holidays for the Jews is always serious but Sukkot where I live is like joy x 1000. Which is fine. But how I hate, how I do hate hate hate the Sukkah.

I hate being hot. I hate being cold. I hate having to walk up three flights of stairs to bring down the food, to bring up the dishes. I hate being a guest. I hate how cramped it is. I hate ants on my shoes. I hate eating by candlelight or some weirdly afixed lamp of some kind — it makes me dizzy.

Even when we were travelling through the desert, for 40 years, we built THESE! Little houses! Jews don’t camp!

Now you and yours may have a way more high tech Sukkah than the ones around here. Some folks really do it up. And from what I remember I’m not even obligated to take my meals there, as a woman and all… so much I’ve forgotten, so much halacha… gone, fallen out of my head. Oy.

What’s the astrology, you ask? Sukkot is the final Jewish holiday of Tishrei, Libra (love) Season, and in Cheshvan, Scorpio (death) Season, there are no holidays. It’s like we’re in recovery. After Tishrei, we’re God-addicts, and we need to get clean.

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