A Good Week To Think! Mercury Power!

From my Facebook page:

Was just telling folks in the chat rooms that this is a GREAT WEEK FOR THINKING.

Dreaming and discovering the solution. I have my notebook and pen ready! Seriously. I take notes on my phone but then I transfer to the WRITTEN WORD! MUST HOLD PEN!

Mercury is trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto (and will conjoin Chiron).

Mercury = what’s right in front of your face, facts, details, the way there that you can clearly see, many options, could get overwhelming true…

Jupiter = THE FUTURE, it’s visionary, prophetic, and BIG (gassy?) lol but without the big dream, what are you shooting for? Do you allow yourself to… dream outside the current parameter? What do you want? To double your income? Triple it? Increase health? Love? WHAT DO YOU WANT? New job? New apartment? WHAT DO YOU WANT? Enlightenment???? Ahhhh enlightenment yes…

And Pluto is busy uncovering secrets….

Attention 12th House people especially: your gift is that you can imagine it and manifest it. Participate in your life. Don’t just WAIT for transits to jolt you! 

Take the time this week to look for answers and you’ll get them, all kinds AND THEY ARE REALISTIC and they WILL NOT HURT YOU. These are gentle giraffes.

Love, MP


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