A Good Week For Love: Venus Sextile Pluto

“Don’t go down in flames

Where is your observing self?
Over time there will be integration
Bring the fear with you but
Like a control tower on the inside
Observe yourself
Observe without judgement (no mood is good or bad) 
This is what will stop you
This is what will stop you from splitting
From splitting off”



Best thing about this week is tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter trine.
The Moon will enter Sagittarius.
All will seem right with the world. Tomorrow will be a good day.

On Friday, Venus is sextile Pluto which is also good (sextiles are friendly) but it’s PLUTO.
Jupiter is a big smile and Pluto is… a sob, a sigh, a love letter signed in blood 😉

NEVERTHELESS, believe me when I tell you that it’s a good week for love and relationships.

It’s not always pretty BUT…

you can get to the root
you can yank out the root
you can give the root a proper burial
you can heave over the grave
you can sob and sigh
and then be done (says Pluto).

You have to go through it to be done.

There is more to say about this week but I’ll be back tomorrow to continue 🙂

Love, MP