A Few Thoughts On November’s Saturn Neptune Square

"saturn square neptune" From my Facebook: 

Neptune clings to illusion. It knows no other way. It’s what it does. It’s its function.
We actually NEED Neptune because we need not only denial but art, glamor, the masquerade, and we need the Mystical.

We need to know there is MORE than this. So we need you Neptune, we need you BAD. A life of only Saturn would be a life of only work, restriction, limitation, no pleasure, no fat.

And here comes gloomy pessimist Saturn in Preacher Teacher Sagittarius – coming to square Neptune this month (exactly) and right now it’s building building building, preparing to stick a logical intellectual supersize Sag PIN in your Neptune dreams, in your Pisces House. Saturn likes to show you where you’re off course, going wrong.
It will be a reality check for some. A wake up call for many.

But we can’t fault Saturn. We can’t fault Neptune. They have to fight. And these revelations — they are all yours.

The reality that comes to you will come from the depths of your being and for many a dark night of the soul will ensue. I am already there, with Saturn digging up the garden of my 4th House. Saturn in Sag is very much a dog.

Part of YOUR homework is to not ignore Saturn but to reckon with Saturn’s reality check without losing faith, without losing your dreams, romanticism, without aging 100 years in a month, without giving up. But now having newer clearer guidelines for making those dreams actually come true ACTUALLY come true. Saturn as compass and map for your Neptune problems.

Saturn is the 10 of Wands. Neptune is the 7 of Cups. Someone drew both these cards for me last night and I think they encapsulate the Saturn Neptune square: damned if I do (damned if I see clearly) and damned if I don’t (damned if I ignore).

One way out is very individual. You must observe the GOOD aspects that both transiting Saturn and Neptune are making to your chart. For therein lies your particular path.


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