A Few More Nuts And Bolts About The Class

"moonplutoland"Just to give you an idea of what we’re up to in The Room a.k.a. MoonPlutoLand (or will be up to!) this is something I posted this morning:

I will be posting threads and starting discussions daily. You can follow along with my directives and homework or not. Totally up to you. I will be posting times that I will be meditating for example, if you want to join me. 

I am hoping to keep to a bit of a schedule i.e. Tarot on certain days, other stuff on other days, etc… To keep it flowing but also structured. Virgo/Pisces 🙂

What I would love is for the threads to ***not*** get too overwhelming so let’s try this and see how it goes: Members are welcome to start threads/discussions on any astrology topic. And respond to others as often as they want. 

Each person, if they want, may start 2 or3 original threads per day. I want to set a daily “cap” on discussions started so that we can try to focus in. 

This is not set in stone. Let’s see how it goes. Everyone should feel free to start topics that interest them. And again you are under no obligation to respond to everyone but your participation is welcome 🙂

I just don’t want it to get overwhelming. Like a few people post 10 times a day and other people post none, etc… So let’s see if enough discussion is generated and intellectual stimulation is generated this way. 


This is an example of the kind of structure I want to work within in the class. Free flowing ideas but some structure too.

And don’t worry. I will still be blogging 🙂 Just my presence on my Facebook Page and Twitter will be less once the group gets going.
Even if you don’t want to be part of the group, you can Friend me on Facebook.
And if you are interested in the group, email me for details. Planning to start next week Tuesday or Wednesday.
If you are waiting for an email from me with more details, please email again. There was a flurry of activity yesterday and I may have missed something.
Love, MP